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What is spam?

from Help on 04/29/2017 02:39 AM

Spam is any material that a user did not agree to. It does not matter how much spam was sent. The main thing is that the information does not interest the recipient. Unfortunately, many users mistakenly believe that only messages and comments can be unwanted. However, that is not the case. You have probably faced bots (profiles created not for communicating but rather for promoting services). Such accounts resemble an advertisement poster. These accounts send not only unpleasant messages but also likes and friend requests. If you do not recognize the user, you go to that person's page and you are forced to view the advertisement since it is the first thing that catches your attention. Therefore we ask that you only friend people you know, and use your personal account solely for noncommercial purposes so that everyone will be happy. Regarding your own business, you should provide details in your community and develop it as necessary. One more thing, joining a group with the help of the button "Invite friends" is not spam. Yes, this is often true when invites are sent from a single account to people you know. But this is insufficient for spammers. They create several bots (or something worse like hacking peoples' profiles) and sending spam with them. Such a way of promoting may lead to the community being blocked but also all spamming accounts and the community administrators will be blocked as well. Fancyber will automatically blocks those users who violates our terms and policy according into their activity of spamming on messages, comments and post for seven days.

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