My personal information is used by other



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My personal information is used by other

from Help on 04/29/2017 02:22 AM

To solve this problem, we need the following information: 
If your name, surname, photo or other personal information is used by other user,
please email us with the following details below: [email protected]

  • Link to the fake account with your personal information.
  • Description of the problem (what exactly was copied, e.g., profile photo, information, name).
  • Photo of your document (passport, driving license, smart card, student card, transcript).
  • Photo of your face in front of your request (i.e. near the screen displaying your question).
We need it to be sure that you are the real owner of the profile and it's content before we can terminate the reported account. If you've spotted your photo that are being used by others, don't hesitate to report it to us, we will review it then removes it as if possible. Please do not upload blurred photo to avoid delays, we accept valid Student ID card. Send an email and provide details mentioned above if you wish to report someone who steal your identity and we will prioritize your concern.

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