Is secret chat really secure?



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Is secret chat really secure?

from Help on 04/29/2017 03:19 AM

Yes, secret chat or the chat box you can see below at the right side corner is built into secure messages between you and the recipients, all conversation are being encrypted into our secured system, here are some actions:

  • If you left the conversation, all of your message will be automatically deleted on our servers,
    so all your private chats will keep privately, cleared and secret.
  • This feature is best for the business conversation, so that rented hackers from the other
    competitive company are unable to see your conversation. 
  • We wont allow to send images and links to prevent interception of your connection.
  • Every letters you've sent, it will turned it into random characters like Hello into "Khoor" while
    delivering it into our server so that hackers can't decrypt this security layer and won't able
    to show and read your actual message. Example conversation:
  • In your screen and screen of your chatmate, you can see plain text.
  • In hackers screen, they can only see the cipher text that are not connected to the actual words. 

    Note: Even the team Fancyber can't see your secret chat conversation. Instant message and secret chat are different, you can only sent text format and emoji via secret chat while instant message, you can send photos and hyperlinks.

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