How to verify email after I signed up?


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How to verify email after I signed up?

from Help on 04/29/2017 02:09 AM

If you done filling up sign up form, you can confirm your email by these steps:

  • Open your email account (eg. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Yandex Mail etc.)
  • Go to your email inbox, then check if there's email title Fancyber - Confirm your account.
  • Open the email then click the link that we've sent to you.
  • A new tab will opened, then fill up another questions like your Full Name, Birthday, Gender and your Location.
  • Now, you will be redirect to your account. You may now use your account and start to find your friends and meet them.
Note: If you cannot confirmed your email, your pending sign up information are still stored in our system until 7 days, then your unactivated account will be removed within 30 days, you can re-signup again by next month.

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