How to block and report user?



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How to block and report user?

from Help on 04/29/2017 02:16 AM

There are few ways:

  • If an unknown user offends you without any reason, go to user profile that you want to block / report, then click Ignore below of the user's profile picture. The user will be automatically added to your blacklist to stop them contacting you.
  • If someone is spamming, click on the X icon in the upper-right of the post to hide the suspicious post.
  • Follow the same instructions to report pages with adult content or spam pages.
  • If other person is using your personal information, please write to our Support Agents.

Do not forget to add a link to a fake profile with your data and your photo in front of the request to our Support. It will help us solve your problem in a shorter time. Please remember, our agents review only request sent by an affected person.

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