How do I edit my profile?



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How do I edit my profile?

from Help on 04/29/2017 02:54 AM

You can find the Edit Profile button at the below of users profile page.
Just click the [Edit] near the information → "Edit" then click check
button to save. There you can change your account related information:

  • Password* | **
  • Email Address* | **
  • Name
  • Gender*
  • Zip-Code*
  • City
  • Birthday*
*    Those details won't be appear into the public.
**  Those details are being stored in high security
     databases and won't be appear into the public.

Additional Information
  • Tagline or Bio***
  • Website URL****
***   Up to 100 characters including emojis.
**** You need to put http:// or https:// to make it a valid link.


To upload profile picture, click Upload Photo →
Choose File → Select desired file → Click Upload

Note: All data submitted in this platform are being stored into untouched database, it means no one is authorized to access your data and information even you marked it as private or only friends, if you wish to delete them all, feel free to contact us!

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