How do I change my email address?



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How do I change my email address?

from Help on 04/29/2017 01:54 AM

There are few ways to solve this problem:

  • You can change your email in settings:
    - Click "Account" dropdown.
    - Click "My Profile" menu section.
    - Click "Edit Account" below of your profile picture.
    - Click "[Edit]" right away of your email address.
      You may now enter your new email address, then
      enter also your password for security reasons.
    - Click "Change Email" 
  • Change your email instantly.
  • Please note: This email will be used for account recovery.

If you want to change an email you have no access to,  just confirm this action via mobile number on your email provider. Confirmation from the old email is not required. For security concern, you can only change email twice in a year.

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