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Using 3x Zoom on his #huaweip30, @jiri_klimes_photo (Instagram) sees beauty in the details from a day in the park. #rewritetheday #capturedonhuawei59265579_1186856931485812_2365117834247617647_n.jpg
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Need a little help to get the best low light shots? @kitkat_ch (Instagram) gives her top tips on ISO. "The ISO tells you how much light can get to your photo. The darker it is outside, the higher the ISO you need. But higher ISO also has consequences and brings a lot of noise to the image. Keep the ISO reasonably low and rise the shutterspeed. This way you still get enough light, but less grain/noise." #rewritethenight #huaweip30pro #capturedonhuawei58950168_366267860657935_2693806846061924767_n.jpg
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The #huaweip30 Series uses a pioneering process to create extra-thin layers of colour that seamlessly blend into each other whilst also increasing its durability. Welcome Black and Aurora. #rewritetherules57191869_183505482632086_967903082691587689_n.jpg
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johncarl.bitco - Official statement please, what will happen to our devices? Can you also offer some refund if all goes downhill? Bought my P30 Pro last month ago.
4 weeks ago
Stylish and Slim. The #huaweimatebookxpro56932076_355969221707499_4949971716822514216_n.jpg
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A colour to suit your mood. #huaweifreelace57555571_158755115153550_7578120514180084613_n.jpg
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